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*Gluten-free *non-gmo *high fiber *no refined sugars

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Black and White Delight

Do you enjoy coconut macaroons??? Well then this is your healthy alternative. Enjoy them cold or room temp, you can't go wrong . Flavor is never compromised.

Sesame Fudge

It's a raisin based fudge, the raisins are sweetened with organic apple juice. The combination of all the ingredients make this snack fudgy, satisfying and  guilt free.

Power Bar

Power Bar AKA Power House Snack : packed full of protein, antioxidants, fiber and  full of omega 3's. Great for everyone to consume, specially those Athletes that require an energy boost to continue with their activities and meet their goals.

Health Nut

Sweeten with organic agave, this mixture of seeds and nuts it's a great snack, but also an addition to those famous BOWLS, or as a topper to any salad, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies. Creativity is endless with this product.


You can use the Granola in a similar way to the Health Nut; the sweetener we use is a RAW, local honey so it is not Vegan. But it is still delicious and a multi use product. 

Cranberry Rolls

The tartness of the cranberries is a great contrast against the agave and shredded coconut. Not too sweet , not too tart.

Cashew Chia Crunch

LOVE, LOVE THESE!!!! Crunchie like the name says, you get the crunch from the nutritious chia seeds, cashews and hemp seeds. The carob powder really pops nicely with a little bit of sweetness from the agave. Refrigerate them for a crunchier texture!

Flax Krax​

Flax Krax, clean, simple but at the same time flavorful. Use it accompanied by a dip or by itself, it's a light cracker, that can also be used as a salad topper.

Hemp N Honey

 Hemp seeds really are the STAR ingredient in this product.  The nice earthy taste of the hemp seed, and the clean taste of the RAW honey, it's the perfect marriage. 

Coconut Fudge

This is the Carob part of the Black and White Delight, the combination of the shredded coconut and carob powder is delicious. 

Ginger Drops

The combination of ginger and cinnamon really makes the shredded coconut and honey pop. This item is one of the newest products we have, and we have received great feed back from our customers saying they really enjoyed the newbie.