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From the Heart of our Kitchen to the Heart of your Home


Healthy Snacks

Gourmet, Hand Crafted, Gluten Free,

No Preservatives, No Additives,

No White Sugars, Clean Ingredients, 99% Organic.

We are a family owned and operated business

We started this company out of necessity, when we found out that our 2 year old daughter  was  mentally handicapped the doctors said she could benefit from a gluten free/wheat free diet, also our oldest daughter had some stomach issues and she could definitely benefit from this change in our food. While learning the effects of gluten on your body and the many issues people suffer from daily because of gluten.  This business was born to help provide some healthy alternatives . Our business has grown into what has become today because of the need for wheat free/gluten free products. We strive to provide wholesome quality goods to our customers everyday.

On behalf of The Nattis Family we hope you enjoy our products.